Dr Khuong Nguyen


Clairemont Pediatric Dental is owned and operated by Dr. Khuong Nguyen, DDS, of San Diego, California. His employment includes treating people's teeth, particularly children's teeth. If you're considering taking your child to see Dr. Nguyen, learning more about him is crucial. This covers his schooling background, training, and why he chose to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Please also question about his interests and hobbies. Dr. Khuong's biography can tell you more about him.

After graduating from high school in 1988, he began his academic career at the University of California, San Diego. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1993. He chose the University of Southern California, or USC, for his dentistry education. He received his bachelor's degree in dental hygiene from UCLA in 1997 and promptly pursued an extra year of postgraduate studies in general dentistry.

Nguyen graduated from UCLA in 1997 and then completed an extra year of Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the university where he works.
Dr. Khuong acquired a position after finishing this school section, but he immediately recognized that his actual interest was pediatric dentistry, not general dentistry. He did a two-year pediatric dental residency at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, to prepare him for a position in the sector he sought. Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn is a teaching affiliate of The New York Health Science Center. During his first year of residency, he achieved a significant career milestone. He was recognized at a research awards competition for his work on the "Best Project in Pediatric Dentistry." Dr. Nguyen determined from his experiences that pediatric dentistry was the correct professional route for him and that he could achieve great things in this field.

Khuong, a pediatric dentist, is currently the owner and operator of his dental clinic. It took him a long time to arrive, and he materialized out of nowhere. He worked his first year out of dental school as an associate general dentist in 1998. He performed this job for a year before moving to Lutheran Medical Center, where he finished his two-year pediatric dental residency. He worked as an associate pediatric dentist for three years after completing his residency and then returned to school. He created Clairemont Pediatric Dental in 2003. He became Board Certified a year after launching his firm. Over the previous 19 years, Dr. Nguyen's practice has grown and flourished, and it continues to do so today.